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With the intervention of the prosecutor, little Pavlos was admitted to a daycare center in Rhodes


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The mother’s fight for the rights of her child who suffers from a rare syndrome caused the intervention of the public prosecutor

Her intervention of the deputy prosecutor of Plimmeliodiki Rhodes and the prosecutor of Minors, Mr. Emilias-Sofias Meri, was caused by the struggle of a young mother to succeed in getting her three-year-old boy, who suffers from rare Angelman syndrome, in a municipal kindergarten of the island.
The 26-year-old mother, Angeliki Pelela, in an interview with “demokratiki”, referred to her efforts to get little Pavlos to go to the daycare center as he is entitled to and as recommended by the special educators who attend him. As the mother explained which through social media but also by mass media, in addition to the pan-Hellenic dimension it received with hundreds of user notifications, was also reproduced abroad, even though it provided all the documents requested of it, in the end the decision for little Pavlos she was dismissive and the child remains at home to this day.
The publication of the struggle of Pavlos’ mother, who is fighting for the rights of her child who has a disability rate of 80%, caused the intervention of Mrs. Isaggeleos, whose work reflects the sensitivity with which she approaches social issues such as the one concerning in the inclusion of disabled children.
The intervention of Mrs. Prosecutor, gave hope to the mother of little Pavlos, Angeliki, that she is not fighting this fight alone and that there are Public Prosecutors who listen to the citizens’ problems and with their actions, contribute to dealing with the pathologies that plague society.
It should be noted that the mother of little Pavlos, after the interview was made public, received many phone calls of support for her fight, while mothers of other disabled children who face similar problems contacted her.
According to information, developments on the matter are expected within the next few days, and everything shows that after the intervention of the public prosecutor, the three-year-old Pavlos xthanks to his mother who was not discouraged even for a moment but also thanks to the immediate intervention of Mrs. Isaggeleos, very soon he will be among other children of his age.
His mother had described the struggle and efforts as follows:I started a marathon of phone calls with the Municipality of Rhodes and all the relevant services to see what supporting documents are required so that the child can go to daycare with parallel support which I will pay for. There is no framework that defines what happens to these children, neither the school officials know, nor the authorities from the Municipality to direct me. I was asking so I kept getting no answers as to what supporting documents were required. I started asking schools myself, anyone I thought might have information. At some point, an acquaintance of an acquaintance who is more aware told me that he would help me, he found me the supporting documents required… The first answer was negative. Then I got assurances to apply again and that the child will attend school. Finally, two days ago there was a negative response again on the grounds that the child may have seizures which are a symptom of the syndrome, but my child does not have themy! I was hurt by the lie, the fake interest. While they gave me assurances, they all abandoned me as if they were telling me to “cut off your head”. Why should my child be wronged? I knew that the child will go to school on October 15th, I even bought him a bag. Here we have social segregation. In order to be able to help my child, I even lied that I was calling from the minister’s office, I am not ashamed to say it. I lied, I have no one, I am a simple girl who lives in a village, without the backs of any politician, nor any rich man. To the decision makers, I’m nothing big. They literally told me, we accept a child with autism and ADHD, we do not accept children with down syndrome and your syndrome. The people who told me they would support me dumped me, my child will stay at home. And I ask, is this contrary or not to the inclusion they plead? Where is the state to support us, to find us a solution? It is the same people who talk about inclusion who exclude us from the structures. From the first moment, I said that I will always be by his side and I will always pull my nails out for my child. I will not accept the separation of man from man. And my son is human, we are all human. I can’t sleep at night because of my sadness and the injustice my child is experiencing. The fear I initially had about the treatment my child will have, was not only confirmed, but became a nightmare…”.
However, it seems that the mother’s nightmare and the informal exclusion of the child from the daycare will finally come to an end, after the intervention of Mrs. Isaggeleos.

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