Prosecutorial intervention for the beating of a student by his classmates in a college in Thessaloniki


Preliminary examination carried out for offenses of dangerous and grievous bodily harm – “The four students who engaged in physical violence were permanently expelled” says the school

Prosecutorial intervention was made for the recent incident of a student being beaten at a college in Thessaloniki.

Based on reports and videos, which have seen the light of day through the internet, the head of the Prosecutor’s Office of Thessaloniki Dimitris Smyrnis has given an order to carry out a preliminary examination, which is requested to be carried out by the competent police department.

As it became known, the investigated offenses are those of dangerous and serious bodily harm, as well as fighting. The investigation into these acts is directed against the persons involved in the beating.

According to a statement from the private school, these are four high school students, who were expelled from the school by decision of the management.

However, the investigation will also extend to their parents for neglecting the supervision of a minor.

How the student was attacked

As the private school states in its announcement, this is an “unprecedented incident of violence between high school students, the like of which has never happened in the 135 years of operation of the “D…L” College.

“… On Tuesday, November 1, 2022, we were informed of incidents of cyberbullying that took place outside the school context, and on the same day we called the students involved and the mediator teachers, with the aim of immediately restoring the climate of peace.

– However, the two students, as a continuation of the previous incident, argued with each other, in the courtyard of the Lyceum, and four others physically attacked one of the two, who was immediately given first aid by the school nurse. The parents of the injured student were notified and they took him to the hospital for further examination. All students involved in the incident were expelled, while the four students who engaged in physical violence were permanently expelled from the College as, based on the College’s Internal Operating Regulations, physical assault and abuse is unacceptable, wherever it comes from.

– Based on the existing legislation, the change of school environment ensures the smooth return of students to their daily learning routine, both those who are expelled and those who are attacked”, the announcement states.

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