Savage beating of 47-year-old prisoner in Domoko prisons – He was taken to hospital


Fierce fight at Domoko Prisons for the control of a wing…

At noon on Monday (1/30), a 47-year-old prisoner of Domokos Prison, an Iraqi citizen, ended up in Lamia Hospital after being severely beaten by his fellow prisoners in the B1 ward.

It was preceded by a fierce fight between Albanians and prisoners of the Asian bloc, in which a 38-year-old Greek was also involved. In total, six (6) people were charged with the beating, of which four were Albanians and one was Romanian.

The charges they face are affray, dangerous bodily harm and weapons, as a metal rod was seized from the “battlefield”.

According to LamiaReport, the fight took place over control of the wing. The 47-year-old was taken to Lamia Hospital with injuries to his head and body, where he is being treated without his life being in danger. He is a lifer who has been convicted of manslaughter and violating weapons laws.

The case has been taken over by the AT Domokou, while the competent Prosecutor’s Office has also been informed.

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