Bad weather “Barbara”: The municipality of Oropedi Lasithi is on alert – Schools are closed Monday and Tuesday


By decision of the Mayor of Lasithi Plateau, schools of all levels of education and nurseries will not operate on Mondays and Tuesdays

By decision of the mayor of Oropedi, Yiannis Stefanakis, the municipality of Oropedi Lasithi has been put on heightened alert with 24-hour coverage, starting today, Sunday, February 5, due to the predicted extreme weather phenomena. In this direction, apart from the civil protection of the municipality, telephone lines are being put into operation for reporting urgent problems and for social care issues, namely the telephone numbers 2844-340140 and 2844-022396

At the above telephone numbers, as the municipality’s announcement states, the operators will answer and forward the issues that arise to civil protection officers, while 24-hour shifts have been planned.

“Given the extreme manifestation of the “Barbara” phenomenon, it is estimated that the infrastructure and utility networks are going to be tested to a large extent and there may be power, water, and telecommunications outages,” the announcement says.

Special care has been taken in cooperation with the DEDDIE of Lasithi so that a DEDDIE workshop is permanently stationed in the area of ​​the municipality of Oropedi since the beginning of the phenomenon.

The EKAV unit in Tzermiadon operates 24 hours and with double crews of 2 ambulances in the afternoon hours, in order to provide a second coverage even in case of transfer.

Care has been taken for the continuous operation of snow removal machines both on the Lasithi Plateau and on the access roads to and from the mountain municipality.

“It is known that the municipality of Oropedi Lasithi is, apart from the central winter tourist destination, the most mountainous municipality of Crete, with a large percentage of elderly population and is often affected by extreme weather phenomena. The priority of all of us in the municipality, elected and staff, is the protection of human life and the continuous care of the residents. We ask residents as well as visiting friends to avoid unnecessary travel and stay in safe areas while the bad weather develops. We are here for everyone and we remain at the side of our citizens”, says the mayor Yiannis Stefanakis.

By decision of the mayor, due to the adverse weather conditions, school units of all levels of education in the municipality will remain closed, while children’s nurseries will also not operate. There will be an update on Wednesday, February 8th.


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