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Greek tourism entered with the “right” in 2023 – What hoteliers say about “Early Bookings”


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As regards the prices of tourist packages offered by Greek hotels for 2023, these are increased by 10%

The first messages about the course of Greek tourism in the new tourist season of 2023 are very positive and there is widespread optimism for even better results from 2022, which for many regions of the country is now a basis of comparison for the future, since they exceeded year 2019 in arrivals and revenue.

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Speaking to the Athenian Macedonian News Agency, the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers Grigoris Tassios published the first messages from “Early Bookings” (first reservations) for the summer holidays of foreign visitors to Greece that bring smiles of optimism. As he said, the first large package of Early Bookings for the mass model of Greek tourism ended in the past few days and there is already a very good flow of bookings for Greece, from the market of England, the Balkans and France. Bookings from Germany and Poland move at lower speeds, while the dynamic US market expects the start of flights to Greece in March.

The next date for summer reservations is March 31, where then there will be a better picture of the summer season, Mr. Tassios emphasized. In any case, Greece will definitely have the same number of arrivals as in 2022, while optimism is also widespread for a better economic result.

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Regarding the prices of the tourist packages offered by the Greek hotels for 2023, these are increased by 10%, percentages that cover the price index equally, as Mr. Tassios explains. Regarding the energy costs of businesses, the president of POX notes that it is here to stay. For this reason, hotel companies are already working on ways of alternative forms of energy to be able to cope with the increased costs.

Focusing on the regions that surpassed even in 2019 either in arrivals or in tourist revenues, the president of the Institute of Tourism Research and Forecasts and president of the hoteliers in Kos, Konstantina Svinou pointed out to APE-MPE that the figures of the first bookings so far show that the year will move better than 2022.

On the contrary, the lady Svinos he reiterated that unfortunately the mountain destinations of Greece do not have an equal dividend in the wider tourist development of the country, something that was also seen in 2022.

At this point the president of the Drama Hotel Association Aggelos Kallias pointed out to APE-MPE that in the next period actions are being prepared to promote the mountainous regions of Greece. In any case, there is optimism that now the European citizen is listening that Greece offers itself for tourism throughout the year, as its portfolio includes other tourist products beyond the sun and sea model.

With regard to the forecasts for marine tourism and especially for cruises, it is recalled that the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias pointed out that cruises are expected to move upwards again this year according to data from the PPA. The port of Piraeus is estimated to record an increase in both arrivals and home porting compared to 2022, which was also a very good year with performances higher than those of 2019.

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