Petridis: “Panathinaikos needs an electric shock, it’s wasting time while staying with Radonić”


He continues to be in a very bad moon Panathinaikos.

The “greens” also lost in Vitoria with a score of 95-90 from the Baskonia and they left with 0/2 from the “devil’s week”, as a result of which they went even deeper into introversion and sank in the Euroleague standings.

THE George Petridis commented on News Bulletin 247 the defeat by Baskonia, stressing that once again Panathinaikos was inferior to the circumstances.

“In Vitoria he had a good first five minutes, then he disappeared from the pitch. He worries that in every game he does not manage to neutralize the opponents’ trump cards, he knew how Baskonia would play but he did nothing to stop them. The difference of five points is fictitious, Panathinaikos did not come close to victory. The phase with the unsportsmanlike Grigonis was a wrong decision, but that’s not why Radonić’s team lost”the Panathinaikos reporter specifically commented.

He then addressed his issue Dejan Radonic and whether he is expected to leave the Panathinaikos: “Since we have reached 10 days before the Final 8 of the Cup and Radonic is still in the team, he will hardly leave now. It is a problem that the team is not improving. The reason he is not leaving is that a suitable replacement has not been found, but also the issue of his compensation. Various coaches are proposed, there are some names that have stood out mainly for the summer. What is certain is that Panathinaikos needs an electric shock, he is wasting time while staying with Radonić, Montenegro shows an image of resignation. He’s obviously not a bad coach, he’s proven his quality in previous teams, but he just hasn’t suited Panathinaikos.”

Finally, he commented on the issue of his newcomers Panathinaikoubut also in the course of his injury Pony: “Agravanis will make his debut tomorrow (6/2) against Kolossos and Tomas next Friday against Valencia (10/2). It is possible that Tomas will be announced in Greece in place of Ponitka, because the Pole is not sure if he will make it to the Final 8 of the Cup”

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