With a minute’s silence, the Plenary honored the memory of the Dodecanese Member of Parliament of SYRIZA Nektarios Santorinis


The position of the late Dodecanese MP, Nektarios Santorini, is occupied by first runner-up Dimitris Gakis.

With a minute’s silence, the Plenary of the Parliament honored Tthe memory of the Dodecanese Member of Parliament of SYRIZA Nektarios Santoriniswho died this morning, aged 51, after a long battle with cancer.

The President of the Parliament, Kostas Tassoulasreferred to “his ethos, faith, courage, militancy and parliamentary ethos”, stressing that “Nectarios Santorinios, despite the personal adventure that troubled him, put above all his duty to parliamentarism and to his special homeland”.

“We bow to the memory of a young man who, while he did not complete the cycle of his life as expected, completed his life’s work and duty in a way that we all recognize. Heartfelt condolences SYRIZA colleagues, I had the opportunity to speak with the president of SYRIZA. And even if this test and the deterioration of his health was something that statistically could have the development it had today, nevertheless the time of the announcement of death, after a hard test, does not cease to be unbearable.

This burden is softened by a tender, sweet human memory of a worthy, creative colleague who honored the status of parliamentarian, minister, father, husband, head of the family and above all of the Dodecanese. May his memory live forever”underlined the president of the Parliament.

The last farewell to Nektarios Santorinios was also addressed by the parliamentary representative of SYRIZA, Panos Skourletispointing out that “his death casts a heavy shadow over the whole Parliament.”

“Nektarios has fought an unequal battle in recent years. Nevertheless, he gave it with dignity and morals and just a few days ago, while he knew Msdisorder of his health, in a public statement he gave his “present” to our struggle, to the struggle of his faction, a struggle that has always served him with stubbornness, self-sacrifice, morals and militancy. He loved his homeland, the Dodecanese, Rhodes, he fought for insularity here in the Parliament, he gave the rest of his life and for that his compatriots loved him. We all bow before him and we will remember him”, stressed Mr. Skourletis.

The position of the late Member of Parliament of Dodecanese, Nektarios Santorini, is occupied by the first runner-up Dimitris Gakis.


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