Plate. Tripod Street. One of the few places in Athens that has kept its identity for 25 centuries.

Tripodon Street in the historic center of the city is the oldest street in Athens and the longer lived as it has had the same name for 2,500 years.

Starting from long ago, Tripodon Street led from the Theater to the Agora and in fact this was its main utility. It is no coincidence that it was considered and is considered the path of Theater and Fine Arts.

From the reports that have survived we can imagine that since ancient times it was considered the most beautiful and decorated street of ancient Athens.


The Athenians started from the Prytaneum down in the Agora and climbed the 800 meter long and 6 meter wide road to reach their final destination, which was the theater of Dionysus.

Nightly torchlight processions in honor of God Dionysos also crossed the ancient Street of Tripodon. Besides, her name is not a coincidence either. He took it from the copper tripods placed along it.

Tripodon Street today

Tripodon Street - Plaka

Today Tripodon Street is a picturesque cobbled street, which takes you back in time and you think stories from its decades of life will pop up in front of you.

In fact, this is the street where the cinema house of the Kokovikos couple from the movie was located “A woman should not be afraid of a man”.

Kokovikos House in Plaka

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