AEK lost in the details to Malaga and goes to the BCL playoffs without a home advantage


He may have looked into the eyes of the highest quality Malagabut finally the AEK defeated with 75-65 in the closed Ano Liosia and will be satisfied with the second place of its group, which means that it does not have the home advantage in the playoffs of the quarterfinals in the Basketball Champions League.

The Union was very competitive and stayed close to the score having as a “weapon” its very good and dynamic defense, but it “stuck” offensively in the fourth and decisive period, when the Spaniards found the offensive solutions, went on a 14-4 run and took deserved victory, along with first place in the group.

Top for the winners are Carter (15 p.), Brithuela (13p.) and Sima (10 points, 6 rebounds), while for AEK they stood out Mitchell (14p, 7 reb.) and Lemar (12 p.).

The draw for the quarter-finals of the competition will take place on Friday 24/3, when AEK will face Tenerife or Bonn or the winner of tomorrow’s (22/3, 21:00) match between Strasbourg and Hapoel Jerusalem.

The match

THE Malaga it was she who started the game more focused, taking a quick 7-0 lead thanks to a three-pointer from Brithuela, who was doubtful but ended up starting. AEK had to make two mistakes and 2:20 had to pass to score their first basket, with Oriola. However, he then forced the Andalusians to score from only two shots in the next two minutes, reducing to a point (10-11), with 4 straight points of Jankovic. Mitchell tied it at 12-12 with a beautiful hook, before Malaga closed out the period with a short 4-0 run and went ahead with 21-15.

THE AEK reduced to three points (18-21) thanks to five consecutive points by Miles at the start of the second quarter, while Barreiro’s three-pointer cut off the Kanzouris’ lead, putting Malaga back at +6 (20-26). At that point in the game and with defense as their weapon, AEK was down 26-28, with Lemar scoring his first points. THE Brithuela with a three-pointer he tied Malaga’s biggest lead of the game (+7, 26-33), but the Union responded with a 7-0 run of their own, tying the game at 33-33. THE Jankovic reached 9 personal points by doing so 38-39 with a foul basket seconds before the end of the first half.

AEK-Malaga 65-75

As at the beginning of the race, Malaga came in… loaded and restored the +7 advantage (40-47), with an 8-2 run and three-pointers from Brithuela and Diath. THE Mitchell with 6 points in a row brought AEK within striking distance again (48-51), before Xanthopoulos tied with a three-pointer at 53-53, at 28′. Carter and Sima provided attacking solutions for Málaga, who were leading at the end of the third period with 59-55.

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With Oriole and Lemar to find the way to the opponent’s basket, AEK equalized at 61-61, but somewhere there she lost her focus on the attack. He scored just one point in 4 game minutes, allowing Malaga a 7-1 run, for the 62-68, halfway through the last period. Mitchell cut it to 65-68, but Kalinoski’s 3-pointer made it 71-65 for the visitors, while AEK continued to struggle offensively, eventually losing by 65-75.

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The quarters: 15-21, 38-39, 55-59, 65-75

The match statistics

Source: Sport Fm

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