In the last few hours, society has been “numbly” watching what has come to light for those involved in the case of serial rape and pimping at the expense of minor of a boy in Heraklion, who revealed Cretalive.

THE 66 years old main accused arrested in her “Colonos” case Creteis expected to be brought before the Prosecutor tomorrow Tuesday, while in what has to do with the hospital doctor who has allegedly also been identified, the information states that the Minister of Health has asked the Prosecutor’s Office to release the doctor’s name in order to proceed with the required administrative actions to expel him from the hospital.

THE case file which has been formed by the Heraklion Security at the expense of the 66-year-old relates to rape consecutively, sexual acts with minors or in front of them consecutively, pornography minors in succession, pimping consecutively, unlawful violence consecutively, and concern the period from 2018 to February 15, 2023.

Shocking revelations – At least two more men are being sought

In the meantime, information from police sources indicates that in addition to the doctor who has been identified, at least two more men who allegedly sexually abused the minor boy are being sought as “clients” of the 66-year-old.

At the same time, investigations continue for at least 29 users of social networking platforms or pages, through which the musician allegedly released the child!

The same sources state that the 66-year-old allegedly threatened the child and forced him to photograph or videotape himself, either naked or in certain underwear.

He had uploaded, on “special content” dating platforms, photos of the child to “fish” for customers, while he had also created at least 3 fake profiles on Social Networking Media, through which he “promoted” the boy.

The information states that through these pages, at least 3 meetings of the boy, from December 2022 until February 2023, with 3 different men, for the purpose of intercourse, were allegedly booked.

The doctor involved reportedly met with the minor last December, in the area of ​​Deilina, in Heraklion

The boy’s mother was the one who informed the authorities about it and the threads were set in motion for the disclosure of the case, while against the 66-year-old Cretan music artist there is another criminal case, for the production of pornographic material of a minor and in fact the victim of this case (a girl ) is associated with the minor boy in the present case.