A tragedy unfolded on Sunday afternoon (4/30) in a rural area of ​​Lamia, with a 56-year-old teacher ending his life with a hunting rifle.

The 56-year-old according to his report LamiaReport he was facing serious health problems, while before the awarding ceremony he is said to have contacted some of his people in the morning to inform them that he will end his life and to say goodbye to them.

Upset, they notified the police and began a desperate search to prevent the evil.

Unfortunately, he was spotted shortly before 19:30 in the afternoon and according to the first data, he allegedly shot himself, while according to information from LamiaReport he also left a note.

Police crews and an ambulance were found at the scene ECAV but it was too late.

It was about a very sociable and lovable man well known in Lamia also as a gymnast. He was the father of two children.

The local community is shocked by this tragic news and cannot believe it. The AT Lamia took over the preliminary investigation while an autopsy was ordered.