“The June 25th vote is not partisan. It’s for a stronger Greece,” Pavlos Marinakis emphasized on SKAI and on Giorgos Autias’ show, Kalimera.

The secretary of the New Democracy Political Committee made it clear that self-reliance is not a given and the polls will be empty, while he called on citizens to read the ND program and vote for it for a stronger Greece.

In detail, Pavlos Marinakis pointed out:

“Mitsotakis was and will be next to the citizens. We did the same. The result that came – and hopefully what will come – showed us what healthy patriotism is. While others were throwing stones at us, we were fighting.

We presented a specific plan for a strong Greece. When people mock benefits, what are they doing? They make fun of the state’s support for the salary. This money that came for the pandemic did not burden the state.

Mitsotakis gave meaning to the term progressive politics. We will continue to raise wages, we will lower taxes. Support for the disabled, for farmers”.

Commenting on the result of the first election battle, Mr. Marinakis emphasized:

“Not all of them suddenly became neo-democrats. They saw the reality that the opposition did not. That in all that we went through there was a prime minister who fought and kept the country strong.

Now we have many of the most crucial elections. Self-reliance is not a given. We had a significant result but the polls will be empty. Nothing is carried over from the previous result.

We have presented a program that has initially been endorsed by citizens. We will not concern ourselves with what others are doing. We look ahead.

We admitted our mistakes. We had opponents questioning what we had done and the result proved that when it’s day outside, it’s day.”

For the June 25 elections, he emphasized:

“The June 25 vote is not partisan. It is a vote to resolve other outstanding issues, to make Greece stronger. We want to increase the minimum wage to 950 euros and we will do it, we want to take the average wage to 1500 euros, and we will do it, we want to reduce wages even more, such as the profit tax.

In any crisis that may arise, the government will be there.

An important difference between Mitsotakis and his opponents is that we didn’t remember the citizens just before the elections. We never, ever shut ourselves up in our offices. And now we will travel all over Greece.

During this month the opposition attacked those who voted for the ND.

I invite all citizens to read our program and join us for a better Greece. To give more jobs to young children, better wages for everyone and a stronger Greece”.