Famous doctors are included in the list of victims of the gang with the “golden” thefts in houses in the city of Heraklion. If they had robbed a bank, they wouldn’t have gotten as much loot as they’re being credited with. It is enough to take into account that only one apartment was allegedly stolen 100,000 euros in cash! And it wasn’t just the money.

The three young Roma who sat on his bench Single Member Court of Criminal Appeals of Eastern Crete they are accused of having grabbed high value jewelry, expensive watches, collectibles and heirlooms.

The accused, 40, 27 and 27 years old, have repeatedly concerned the Authorities. It is attributed to two of them that they broke into the houses of the victims and to the third that he had the role of “chiliador” while his accomplices were beating them.

All three defendants found guilty two were sentenced to 7 years in prison, the “chiliador” was sentenced to five years in prison, while all will return to prison after the court did not grant a stay of their appeal.

This decision, however, does not seem to have relieved the anger of the victims since they have not been paid back in the slightest. During the hearing, there was no lack of tension, the tones were raised inside and outside the courtroom, as the defense disputed the declared value of the stolen goods and the amount of cash.

They took 100,000 euros in cash from the doctor’s house

Typical is the case of a doctor from whom the defendants allegedly stole 100,000 euros in cash, not counting the jewelry they took.

For a “chuck” they didn’t even fall face to face since o “chiliadora” he managed to alert his accomplices when he saw the owner returning. As the doctor climbed the stairs, they jumped out of the window.

They left with the safe on the back from another doctor’s house

The perpetrators left the home of another well-known doctor in Heraklion with the safe on their backs. They found it tucked away in an office cupboard, “unwrapped” it and took it with them.

Among other things, it contained cash, jewelry, expensive watches, collectibles, total value over 150,000 euros. The burglary took place last September while the doctor and his wife were away on holiday.

The Roma, however, made the policemen the Chinese, expressing wonder and surprise. “Which jewels worth 150,000 euros? We found rosaries and Cretan knives which we threw in the trash…”. That was their claim, making the police search even in the bins but in vain.

In his actions is also attributed to triple hit in the apartments of members of the family of the deputy mayor of Heraklion, Mrs. Maria Kanavaki.

Twice they broke into her mother’s apartment on the first floor, and once more on her uncle’s apartment on the second floor.