A father and son from Ptolemaida, Giorgos Lefkopoulos and his son Miltiadis, graduates of the 2nd EPAL of Ptolemaida, had a significant success, since they took the nationwide exams together and excelled, succeeding with the points they got with their performances, their admission to the school that they dream of: IT.

Giorgos Lefkopoulos, who spoke to the “Ptolemaios” newspaper, appeared overjoyed for his and his son’s success a day after the announcement of the results of the nationwide exams.

The goal of both is Informatics, with their grades guaranteeing their admission to the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The father achieved 19,280 points for the AUTH and the son 18,320 points. In fact, father and son were classmates in the same class in the 2nd Lyceum of the 2nd EPAL of Ptolemaida, while in the 3rd Lyceum they followed different fields, which is why they were in different classes.

The 46-year-old Giorgos Lefkopoulos, in order to give national exams, had to spend two years at the desks, as he was a graduate of a multi-disciplinary high school, which, however, did not stop him, since he had a recession and a love for IT, the subject in which he works.

The whole experience for father and son to be nominated in the same year was interesting for him, he says.

It is worth noting that the son Miltiadis Lefkopoulos is a boxer with distinction, while he has also distinguished himself several times in IT, programming and robotics, participating in competitions.