“In these moments, especially in the last few days, our country is experiencing an unspeakable tragedy and is grieving bitterly. He mourns for our fellow human beings, who, under unprecedented conditions, which we have never experienced before, have so unjustly passed away. He mourns for our cities and for our villages, mercilessly hit by the fury of nature – which all of us, unfortunately, in every corner of the planet, have repeatedly violated with attitudes caused by our tendency to see God’s creation as a source profit and not as a source of life – yesterday from the fires, today from the floods”, points out, among others, in his statement the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Hieronymos, about the sweeping passage of bad weather from our country.

Then, he emphasizes: “Our Church is doing everything possible, to the extent of its capabilities, and in every way that exists and with every means at its disposal, to heal, as much as it can, the deep wounds that have been opened, wounds, which, unfortunately, will take a lot of time and a huge effort to close. In the souls mainly and in the lives, but also in the properties of our fellow human beings. AMKE (Municipal Non-Profit Company)

The “Mission” of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens and all the social structures and all the charitable organizations of the Holy Metropolises that were affected are from the first moment, and will always be, on the side of our fellow human beings, especially in the painful hour of their great trial. Our Metropolitans, natives of our people, have been close to our people from the first moment, as they always are, having placed at the disposal of the competent State every infrastructure they have and every available resource they have.

But the whole world of the Church rushes immediately, is completely interested and gives their best to help, however and wherever they can, through the services of our Church. But in the face of nature’s fury, in the face of this biblical catastrophe, this is no time for many words. It’s time we all united to face, as effectively as we can, this dramatic situation, giving immediate solutions, to pray for the repose of the souls of our fellow human beings who are losing and to practically help all those who are being tested so hard in these critical hours. Personally, I am constantly on the open line both with our Metropolitans and with the competent actors of the State and Local Government, as every minute is precious.”