The police have launched a manhunt for the arrest of the perpetrators who executed the 6 Turkish mobsters, associates of the leader of the Barış Boyun gang, in Lutsa.

The same time, a new revelation made public by the show “Simera” of SKAI. According to exclusive information, 10-15 minutes before the murder, three of the six members of the gang had received a common message on their mobile phones in the Turkish language warning them to leave their hideout because they had been spotted.

Despite the fact that they managed to collect their belongings, they did not manage to escape and were eventually executed.

As it became known, the six victims were members of a criminal network known to the Turkish police who have been the target of police investigations in the past. In particular, the dead were close men of the leader of the criminal organization of Barış Boyun, who participated in many armed actions in Turkey and had fled to Italy.

In the past there have also been attacks abroad against the leader of the criminal network Barış Boyun, who lives in Italy as a fugitive. He had established several years ago an office of executioners throughout Europe, and the murdered members seem to have come to Greece after a double murder they had committed themselves in the French Alps at the beginning of last August. The executioners and the support team, some of whom are said to be among the victims of Loutsa, are said to have come to Greece in order to find refuge to avoid reprisals from rivals. However, they apparently found them and executed in exemplary fashion firing at least 60 times from 3 or 4 guns

The car they were in is reportedly legal. It belongs to a German citizen. The passage of the car with the 6 passengers was timed last August from the Euzones station after the murder in the French Alps

Crime Against Life officers have located at least two vehicles allegedly rented by the victims while they were here. One of them was in Lutsa five minutes away, about 1 kilometer from the scene of the murder.

At the same time, there is a video that has recorded the movement of the victims’ vehicle and a black jeep that is believed to belong to the killers is following from behind.