Welcoming the prosecutor’s order to let the truth shine, said the regional governor of Thessaly Kostas Agorastos in an emergency briefing after the incalculable damages caused by the bad weather Daniel.

All the funding received by the Region for specific projects have either been completed or are in progress, he noted and emphasized that “not a single euro was lost”.

“I am dedicated to the problems of Thessaly, I don’t care if I am targeted and crucified, all I want is to support the people of Thessaly who are climbing an endless Golgotha” he said and detailed the projects by department.

Mr. Agorastos noted that the situation remains difficult, it is a brutal disaster from an unprecedented weather phenomenon, as he said.

“No one can and is not allowed to say that everything went perfectly” said Mr. Agorastos to add “what is important in a weather phenomenon that exceeded any response planning is that we are present 100% of our capabilities, we did not delay, we did not we shirked our responsibilities, the battle continues.”

It is not a time to take responsibility, he said, we are doing most of the anti-flood works that were done in Thessaly.