Zervas: “Many surprises in the evening of Spanoulis-Sigouras Olympiacos will get a player”


Many surprises await his friends Olympiakou in his evening Vasilis Spanoulisas pointed out by Nikos Zervas on News Bulletin 247.

It will be a historic night for a child who changed the history of Olympiakos, with many surprises. Many dignitaries will come. The likes of Doncic and Antetokounmpo have been invited, while Diamantidis will be at Saturday’s gala. Goss and McKissick will be unavailable, while Milutinov, who is on leave after the World Cup, is also missing. And Armani will be absent, like Lo and Meli. Safe conclusions will not be drawn, therefore. There are about 1,100-1,200 tickets left, most of which are cheap“, he emphasized.

As for the player search? “It doesn’t seem like anything interesting is coming out of the European market for Olympiakos, which is why he is waiting for the NBA market. There all the free agents are waiting for Lillard’s trade to find a contract. It is certain, however, that Olympiacos will get a player. The main priority is to get a scorer, who will play mainly at ‘2’. If such a move is made, the team will have all the conditions to make a very good run this year“, he said.

Source: Sport Fm

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