Documents on the chaos on Attiki Odos – The first driver to file a lawsuit against SKAI

Documents on the chaos on Attiki Odos – The first driver to file a lawsuit against SKAI

The war over the Attiki Odos fiasco continued with vigor today.

Early on Monday morning, the image on Attiki Odos foreshadowed that all drivers would be excluded, if they did not forbid entry even in trucks.
At 11:30, an officer of the Fire Service who was at the entrance of Attiki Odos, told the center that Attiki Odos should be notified to close the road, because there will be a problem.

“For eight years, we, with the snowplows outside, have been throwing salt in advance, before. All the highways did the same. “Someone should tell us why the trucks were found,” the former Attica Odos Traffic Chief, George Eleftherakis, told SKAI and the show “SK Parea”.

Documents brought to light by Kathimerini tis Kyriakis, reveal that the administration of Attiki Odos assured that they have sufficient snowplows to deal with Elpida.

As it turns out he did not expect particularly heavy snowfall. He said that if the effects were as intense as last year with “Medea”, then the 6 extra trucks would be called.

“We had a great bad weather, in which the state mechanism did not succeed. “We also had a private company, Attiki Odos, which failed to keep the road open, which is the most critical road for the Greek state”, the Minister of Citizen Protection, Takis Theodorikakos, noted on SKAI and the show “Kalimera”.

Meanwhile, the first driver who filed a lawsuit against Attiki Odos seeking compensation of 10,000 euros for moral damage, because he remained trapped for 16 hours, spoke to SKAI and the show “SK Parea”.

“I was on Attiki Odos from 10:00 in the morning until 03:00 in the early morning when the army released me. At some point I left the car, because I had reached a point, while at the beginning in the morning I started with half a tank of fuel, I left the car because now my fuel had started to be marginal “.

The unprecedented confinement of thousands of drivers on Attiki Odos, caused controversy in Parliament as well.

“You participated in the preparatory meetings that took place for the preparation of the state mechanism in view of the snowfall”, asked Giannis Ragousis, the Deputy Minister of State, Akis Skercos.

Mr. Skertsos’s response was immediate, noting “Mr. Ragoussi, you do not discover gunpowder, a press release has been issued with those who participated in the meetings, obviously I participated from my role”.

The Minister of Transport, Costas Karamanlis, spoke about the responsibilities that will be assigned to Attiki Odos.

“The ministry had provided and is making from 2020 an institutional framework which will also give administrative sanctions to any concessionaire who does not do his job well,” he pointed out.

It is reminded that the Attiki Odos case is being investigated from the first moment by the Athens Prosecutor’s Office.

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