Very strong rains and storms have occurred until the morning of Thursday 28/09 in North Evia, where in total since Wednesday 27/09, 460 millimeters. Very high levels of precipitation are recorded again in the city of Volos, however, due to the problems that have been created, the local meteorological stations do not transmit data to the network.

According to the latest forecast data from, during Thursday 28/09 the bad weather will continue (with decreasing intensity) mainly in the eastern and southern mainland, as well as in island parts of the Aegean.

The effects will be intense in places, but by late evening they will stop in most areas.

The regions where rains and storms will occur include the prefecture of Attica and the city of Athens. The phenomena in the midday and afternoon hours will be locally strong.

According to the classification of the precipitation episode (RPI), which is implemented by the Meteo unit of the National Observatory of Athens, the precipitation episode is classified as Category 3 (Significant).

The forecast map below shows the estimated cumulative rainfall (in millimeters) until the end of Thursday 28/09 (24 hours). Deeper shades show the highest precipitation heights.