The payment of financial support to 2.61 million citizens under the Market Pass, for the months of August, September and October, is being completed this afternoon. The total amount of aid paid amounts to 227 million euros.

The payment of the aid concerns the beneficiaries who submitted the applications for inclusion until September 25, 2023 and those who had already received the aid during the previous period and are beneficiaries again whose tax declarations had been cleared by September 25.

77.8% of the beneficiaries or 2.03 million citizens will receive the aid through credit to the bank accounts they have declared and the rest through a debit card.

For the beneficiaries who have not yet applied for their membership, the submission of applications through the digital platform or through the K.E.P. remains open until Tuesday, October 31. It is reminded that for applications submitted by October 31st, and for those whose tax returns are cleared after September 25th, the payment of the financial aid will be made by November 5th.

Who are beneficiaries?

Beneficiaries of the Market Pass are all tax residents of Greece who have submitted a tax return for 2022 on time and whose annual total income does not exceed:

  • sixteen thousand (16,000) euros for an unmarried debtor or a widowed or separated debtor,
  • the twenty-four thousand (24,000) euros for a married debtor or the married or the parties to the cohabitation agreement who submit a separate tax return without children, which is increased by five thousand (5,000) euros for each dependent child, other dependent member and guest member of household,
  • twenty-four thousand (24,000) euros for a single-parent family and is increased by five thousand (5,000) euros for each dependent child, other dependent member and guest member, after the first.

In addition, the total value of the real estate must not exceed the amount of two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) euros for the unmarried, widowed or separated debtors and the amount of four hundred thousand (400,000) euros for the married or parties to a covenant cohabitation and single-parent families.

Beneficiaries can choose the way to receive the Market Pass financial support:

  • either by issuing an immaterial digital card, which they will store on their smart phone and which they will show in their purchases,
  • or through direct payment of the subsidy amount to a bank account that they will declare. In this case, the beneficiaries will receive 80% of the amount due to them.

The aid is 10% of the monthly amount of purchases up to 1,000 euros and its amount starts from 22 euros per month for single-member households and is increased by 10 euros for each additional member of the household. The above purchase limit does not apply to beneficiaries with more than six (6) dependent children.