Three minors were arrested last night in Kifissia, aged between 14 and 16, who robbed their classmates.

According to the police, the defendants approached two 16-year-olds and after threatening them verbally, in order to take money from them, managed to remove a watch (smartwatch) and escaped.

Police officers of Group “G” who were on patrol immediately identified the minor perpetrators and took them to the Kifissia Security Department, where they were identified as the perpetrators of the above criminal act.

The watch was found in their possession, which was attributed to the child who belonged to him,

Also, last night in Ilion, two minors, 14 and 15 years old, were arrested by the Immediate Action police, accused of robbery from a “mini market”. Their two accomplices are being sought.

In particular, the defendants with their accomplices entered the store and they stole an electronic cigarette,. When the owner saw them he tried to stop them. In order to escape they punched and kicked the owner.

After searches, the police located two of the minors who took them to the Ilio Security Department, where they were identified as the perpetrators.

The arrested were taken to the competent Prosecutor.