Last Thursday, November 9, the 3rd transplant, from mother to son, took place in the Organ Transplantation Unit of the “Evangelismos” hospital.

The 64-year-old Voliotissa mother gave life to her 44-year-old son for the second time by donating one of her kidneys. It is noted that in 2023 two transplants were performed from cadaveric donors to kidney patients in Magnesia.

The Association of Nephropathies of Magnesia, with its announcement, warmly thanks “the administrator of the hospital “Evangelismos”, Mr. Grigoropoulos Anastasios, the director-coordinator of First Surgery and Transplantation, Mr. Vougas Vasilios and his entire staff.

Also, the director of the nursing service, Mr. Pistolas Dimitrios, for the immediate priority they gave the transplant was done from the living donor. The excellent Dr. Ioannis Loukopoulos, transplant surgeon at Guy’s Hospital, London, where attended the entire process of removing the graft from the donor and placing it in the recipientas well as for the valuable help he offered, with his experience, for so many years in transplants, working in the field of robotic nephrectomies, and with the whole team of Mr. Vougas, they carried out the process and completion of the transplant.

Warm thanks go to the experienced anesthesiologists of the “Evangelismos” hospital, as well as to the nursing staff of the surgery. Finally, we would like to especially thank the transplant coordinators of the “Evangelismos” hospital for their dedication to our patients.”

For its part, the donor and recipient family also warmly thank the team of the Organ Transplantation Unitthe supervisor and the nursing staff of the 10th floor clinic, where the donor was treated, for the impeccable service of her hospitalization.

The Association as well as the family appeal to all who are waiting for God’s gift, to make the brave decision to give life to their own people, who have been waiting on the waiting list for 10 and 12 years.