Yesterday afternoon and evening, the Police carried out three special operations in Maroussi, Heraklion and Nea Ionia to prevent the delinquency of minors.

According to ELAS, after collecting, investigating and evaluating data regarding recorded repeated delinquent behaviors with minors involved in specific places, the operations were planned and developed in the above areas, concentrating the forces in the surrounding area of ​​a shopping center and in two ISAP stations.

These actions were organized both to prevent the occurrence of similar phenomena, and to more fully map the movements of minors in the disputed areas.

In the operations, during which 40 people were checked, police officers from the North-Eastern Attica Security Sub-Directorate participated, while DIAS teams provided assistance.

As pointed out by ELAS, similar actions will continue in the field of preventing and dealing with the phenomenon of youth crime.