Police investigations continue – with all possibilities open – into the disappearance of the 41-year-old pregnant woman from Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, whose tracks were lost on New Year’s Day. While the search is in full swing, her partner reports that his house has been broken into.

The disappearance of the 41-year-old pregnant woman, mother of a 13-year-old child, was reported on Tuesday (2/1), while two 24 hours later a relevant announcement was issued through the Missing Alert service.

Under the “microscope” of the investigations of the Kalamaria Police Department, with his assistance Department of Life Crimes of Thessaloniki, ethe phone contacts of the missing woman and the last two messages she appears to have sent to her partner and her mother have been entered. He allegedly took the sum of 5,000 euros from the first, before disappearing.

Her partner has already given a lengthy statement to EL.AS., while an investigation was conducted at the house where he lived with the 41-year-old and his mobile phone was examined.

He himself, according to information, complains that his house was broken into after the on-site police investigation. According to his complaint, when he returned to the house 24 hours earlier (in the presence of a lawyer and two police officers) to get some things – possibly related to the investigation – he found that the door was open, so were the balcony doors, while some were missing objects and others had changed position.