The 50-year-old accused of murdering 31-year-old Babis Koutsikos in Messolonghi, although he was remanded in custody, was transferred to Patras, where he is being held, instead of Korydallos prisons. The decision was taken due to the ongoing investigations and investigations, while it is considered more than a given that by the end of the week he will be back in front of the Messolonghiu Investigator. In addition, security reasons led to his transfer to the police service of Patras.

“My hands are clean, I have nothing to do,” he said, according to exclusive information from “Peloponnisos”, to the police officers of the Patras Security sub-directorate who visited him yesterday in his cell. The 50-year-old insists on the tactic of denial that he has adopted from the beginning and does not accept the commission of the crime. Genetic material was taken from the defendant to be compared with the findings on the 31-year-old’s body.

The forensic examination found that the young man was shot by a shotgun with wild boar cartridges. “It carries a shot which is on the left side of the body, has an entrance on the side of the shoulder and an exit on the lower side. A shot of around 10 bullets inside the body”, said police sources to “P”, while the detection of a cartridge at the crime scene is not confirmed by official lips, information that was circulated yesterday afternoon.


According to information from “P”, a special team of the Army in the collection of metals is being used in the investigations to locate the carbine and the mobile phone of the victim, using special detection machines.

The scenario of transporting the body to the swampy area at Evangelistria in Kampos Evinochori, is ruled out by ELAS. “The act of crime was committed at that point,” a top officer categorically emphasized to “P”, while police sources stated that: “the investigation does not stop until we find all the evidence. We don’t just stop at the 50-year-old and people around him, we will ‘extend’ the research in other directions as well.”

Three dogs trained to find the dead took part in the two-day search for Babis, with 3.5-year-old greyhound ‘Echo’ – a Belgian shepherd – locating the body at midday on Monday.

“On Sunday there was a very strong wind and the dog “passed” the smell very quickly. Imagine a three meter radius, at 500m to ‘hit’ it. But when the wind dropped and it became clearer, we realized from which side it was ‘coming’, because consider that it has channels in between,” said the head of operations and research for the Anubis Cold Case K9 Team, Evangelos Alexandris, pointing out “when the agencies work properly, this always gives a good result.”