The gazette was issued for the payment of non-insured in ELGA who were affected by fires and Daniel.

The Official Gazette was issued (Sheet No. 562 Issue B, FEK-2024-Tefxos B-00562-downloaded -27_01_2024[1].pdf΄) on the basis of which the producers who were not insured by ELGA, because its Regulations did not impose it, are paid during the period of the fires and the Daniel disaster.

This is €15,773,591 coming from the 2023 Agricultural Reserve

Beneficiaries of financial support emergency are farmers who are active in raising pigs, poultry (hens, birds, Indians, ducks, guinea fowls, geese, pheasants), in the cultivation of flowers and ornamentals, acacias, hemp, paulownia, horticulture under cover, fir and other forest tree nurseries , nurseries of fruit trees and shrubs, lawns, helmets and mushrooms, which were affected by fires in the period July – August 2023 and by floods in September 2023 in the Regional Units (PE) of Alexandroupolis, Argolis, Attica, Achaia, Boeotia, Evros, Evia, Karditsa, Corinthia, Larissa, Magnesia, Rhodes, Rhodope, Trikala and Fthiotida, as well as the honey producers who have their headquarters in the PEs of Evros, Karditsa, Larissa, Magnesia and Trikala.

Compensation is granted according to the declared losses of the farmers per hectare for vegetable production crops, per animal for livestock production and per hive for honey producers (concerns bee feed).

The aid is tax-free, non-confiscatable and inalienable in the hands of the State or third parties, notwithstanding any other general or special provision.

It is noted that eligible beekeepers must submit their applications by tomorrow, January 30, 2024.