The control crews are on foot both to ensure the quality of the items consumed, especially on Maundy Monday but also throughout Lent, as well as for the prices that are set.

However, as can be seen from billings that have taken place, since the first day of application of “Lent basket” the prices in the majority of the basic products that fill the Lenten table are lower the same as last year.

As the Minister of Development Kostas Skrekas stated: “…Our goal is to have affordable prices for everyone. An average decrease in prices compared to last year is observed. The government’s effort to de-escalate inflation, lower prices and help households continues. We will not stop checks on unfair profiteering, while the structural measures we have taken are already starting to bear fruit.”

They are reminded that street markets, bakeries and mini markets will operate on Clean Monday while, this year, some large supermarket chains will also be open until 2 in the afternoon.

Also, constantly open the shops will be open from Sunday until the afternoon of Clean Monday Varvakeiou Market as well as the Consumer’s Market in his market Renti.

Lenten basket comparisons

In consumer reports that there are price discrepancies in the products included in the “Lent Basket” from supermarket to supermarket, the Minister of Development has replied to SKAI that: “The discrepancies are due either to real data – such as the operating costs of the supermarket chains market – or because of different commercial policy of each chain” but he then emphasized that the controls are continuous to prevent attempts at profiteering.

It is recalled that from comparisons of Lent baskets in two large supermarket chains, the following data emerges:

Supermarket 1

Frozen peeled shrimp -6%

Frozen whole squid -3%

Frozen cut squid -30%

Frozen octopus -13%

Halva 0%

Ointments 0%

Olives 15%

pickle 0%

Supermarket 2

Frozen whole shrimp – 4%

Frozen peeled shrimp -11%

Frozen squid -30%

Frozen octopus cuttlefish -2%

Halvades 3%

Olives 16%

Pickles – Pickles 8%

Ointments 5%.

Regarding the price of the lagana, the price of the large lagana (750 g) ranges from 2.80 – 3.50 euros and for the small one from 1.80 – 2 euros.

In addition, in order to better serve consumers, the minister also recalls the importance of utilizing the ministry’s e-katanalotis platform, as with this tool consumers can see and compare the prices for the products they are interested in from the neighborhood supermarkets them, so that they can make their own “Basket”.