To the 5th regular investigator Thessaloniki the seven arrested accused of being members of a criminal pimping organization were referred to plead guilty.

The Prosecutor of First Instance brought criminal proceedings against them for the following acts (some on a case-by-case basis): directing, forming and joining a criminal organization, pimping and collaboration in it, human trafficking, money laundering, fraud (committed and attempted ), direct complicity in the previous act, obtaining a false certificate, false declaration and illegal possession of a weapon.

With a “showcase” of three businesses (two in Thessaloniki and one in Serres) that allegedly offered relaxation and physical wellness services, the ring smuggled out women who were facing financial problems (one of them from Ukraine) and took advantage of the revenue from romantic dates with customers .

The same ring appears to have also been active in usurious lending, while prosecutors have evidence showing that its members planned fake car accident scams to defraud insurance companies.

In fact, the case file also includes two cases of committed fraud against insurance companies.

Among the seven arrested (citizens, aged 26 to 54), there are also three women, as well as the 43-year-old alleged “brain” of the criminal organization. All were given a deadline to apologize next week.