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Tsipras: “We are all united against the threat of national sovereignty”


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“Anywhere in the country – including within a university – a crime is committed, it is the duty of the police to intervene. What could the University Police do in this case? It’s a bubble,” said the president of SYRIZA

The president of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, gave a full-length interview on the ANT1 show “Morning Greece”, answering all the critical issues of current affairs.

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Asked about the pollshe commented that “the first person who doesn’t trust the polls in the country is Mitsotakis himself, why if there were 8 and 10 and 15 and 20 (s.p. units difference) wouldn’t he hold elections to win them, to clean up and finish?” Or do you want us to believe that the man who ordered the surveillance of his political opponents has an institutional responsibility and respects institutions?”

Said that “at some point the time of judgment will come for all of us and for the parties and for the polling companies, because the world will judge and compare». He also said that what the citizens “can’t understand is this urgency to prove to us that this great scandal for our democracy, of surveillance, is alive and well, it must be proven that it does not concern anyone in Greek society and that immediately after Androulakis denounced the scandal, this began to sink in, that the abuser wins and that the victim loses.”

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On Greek-Turkish and Erdogan’s provocations Alexis Tsipras emphasized that “we need to be calm in Erdoğan’s rhetorical outbursts. It is good for everyone to know that we are all united against the threat of national sovereignty. And Erdogan does not have an outgoing and weakened Prime Minister in front of him, but the entire Greek people».

However, the president of SYRIZA asked himself “is it possible that today Erdogan threatens our national sovereignty and there is no threat of sanctions?”, criticizing the government for its foreign policy.

Polytechnic University – university police

On the occasion of what happened at Polytechnic University and the dismemberment of a gang, as well as the discussion about the university police, Alexis Tsipras said that “crime is committed anywhere in the country, including within a university it is the duty of the police to intervene. In 2017 and 2018, the police carried out two major operations in Aristoteleio where we had information about drugs. The Police are obliged to intervene when there are criminal acts.”

What could the University Police do in this case? It’s a bubble. I say let’s send these kids who were recruited to the neighborhoods for crime, not to the universities, to the students,” noted Mr. Tsipras.

For the economy and the energy crisis Mr. Tsiptas stated that “unfortunately, 4 years after the country’s exit from the memorandums, we are again facing great difficulties and if we had not managed to settle the debt and leave a fiscal reserve, today the country would be headfirst water”, said Alexis Tsipras.

The president of SYRIZA PS said in particular that we have inflation running at 11.4%, precisely “which has crushed households and businesses, we have structural problems of the Greek economy, we do not have a strong primary sector, we do not have manufacturing, we have a problematic production model and a unique in Europe energy inflation of 62%, unique”. He pointed out that the picture is that 7 out of 10 households are unable to pay for electricity and have reduced consumption of basic products and noted that “the government’s responsibility is clear in terms of the way it deals with the crisis”. Said that “here we have a model of premiuming the profit” while “across Europe we have a wave of nationalization of energy companies».

He launched an attack against Kyriakos Mitsotakis saying that in Greece the prime minister privatized the PPCwhile he characterized as a lie that SYRIZA we delivered it bankrupt.

“I am not judged by the criteria of 2014. We have proven that we can govern. In Thessaloniki, I highlighted and proposed another crisis management model. I didn’t order lefto trees, I promised that I would cut the stolen trees”, he said and added that “the faction that put us in the memos accuses us. We tried to get the country out of the crisis in the best possible terms.” He also called the comparison made between the period with memoranda and without memoranda untested.

He also said that if he had to distribute 50 billion during the years of his government, he would be prime minister until he got bored. “Mitsotakis distributed them unfairly. Where did these 50 billion go”, asked the president of SYRIZA and added that “what dominates Greek society is the tightness, the lack of expectations. It would not satisfy me to take advantage of the bad situation to become prime minister again.”

“If the elections were held before the summer, SYRIZA would have difficulty coming out first. Now that Mitsotakis was forced to go to the elections at the end of 4 years, a different framework is being formed”, he further underlined.

For the elections

As Mr. Tsipras said the upcoming elections “are the first deeply democratic elections” and added that “the new big change is electoral partnerships and it is not uncertainty and instability to have a two-party government. Self-sufficient governments have bankrupted us.”

“The only possibility for Mitsotakis to be prime minister again is to cooperate with Velopoulos,” he said and added that “if we want the country to be governed responsibly, we should see the next elections as a great opportunity.”

He also noted that “for practical and moral reasons I do not claim a government of losers but of winners. A condition for political change, practically and morally, is for SYRIZA to be the first party to form from the next day a government of cooperation with the progressive forces of the country”.

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