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Opposed to the deletion of Pavlos Polakis from SYRIZA appeared the George Katrougalosposing – in essence – a new topic in view of tomorrow’s political secretariat.

The former minister stated in the first program of ERT that Pavlos Polakis made a political mistake, but he does not agree with his removal from the party, even praising the Cretan politician for the revelations he has made.

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In fact, Mr. Katrougalos stated that the actions of Pavlos Polakis do not contradict his principles SYRIZA.

“Whatever we believe, we cannot set a personal agenda instead of the overall one set by our party and we cannot set it the way it came in. I therefore think that his reaction Alexis Tsipras, to exclude Pavlos from the ballots, is correct. I understand from the other side that he himself sees things differently,” he emphasized initially.

Regarding the messages of a section of society that supports the post and the beliefs of Mr. Polakis, Giorgos Katrougalos said: “The reason is obvious. Mr. Polakis has highlighted too many corruption scandals of the government system and also – although he has done it in a way that is obviously not mine, we have a different style – there are many of our fellow citizens who, in the face of this accumulation of scandals, want someone to say them, as Paul says them. And I should also add that I understand that Mr. Polakis himself may feel bitter. But there is an ethics of the left. Let me remind you of Plombidis, he was called a whistleblower and he never thought of differentiating himself.

Referring to its eventual deletion Polaki from SYRIZA said:

“I don’t think he should proceed with deleting Mr. Polakis. The things that Paul does are not abducted by some moral disobedience in his person. It is, in my opinion, a big political mistake, but they don’t show corruption, they don’t show any exposure, any conflict with the authorities of SYRIZA. Of course targeting people is completely wrong. We never talk individually. And to tell you the truth, I also know several of the judges of the Council of State personally and respect them. I don’t know how they thought, I will read the decision, but one by one.”