The government is not infallible, it did not succeed in the OSE, but it has demonstrated work in various other areas such as the digital revolution and foreign policy, and it is the only one that has proven that it can clash with the “deep state”, said the Minister of Labor Kostis Hatzidakis speaking to the main bulletin of SKAI and Sia Kosionis.

We cannot afford cooperation governments, we cannot afford to waste the progress that has been achieved, said Kostis Hatzidakis,

“We didn’t succeed at OSE”

“The main thing when talking about this tragedy is not to forget it, and not to forget the 57 dead. Then come the political consequences and the polls. What has disappointed our people who left is our performance in the OSE, and in general in the state”. At this point, however, Mr. Hatzidakis noticed that the ND has messed with the “deep state” in OTE, PPA, Olympiaki, PPC, EFKA recently, it has changed many things with the digital revolution, it has adequately handled the crisis of the NHS and the energy crisis”.

“At the OSE we did not succeed, although attempts were made, we can’t hide behind our finger that things turned out well. We are determined to clash in the OSE and wherever else there are ‘black holes’ in the deep state, to clash with established mindsets with interests with guilds and to deal with the problem as we have already done elsewhere” said Kostis Hatzidakis..

“We never claimed to be a government of infallibles. Efforts were made at the OSE, they did not reach the point they should have, what can we say?”

“If the ND does not undertake the task of confronting guilds and established attitudes, I do not see which other force in Greece will do it… If it is not Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the ND who will handle these cases of the deep state, I do not believe that those identified with the trade unionists and the hostages of the trade unionists will handle them.” The Minister of Labor cited as an example of reforms the digital work card that brought transparency to employer-employee relations in an unquestionable way.

“Digital card also on the Hellenic Train”

“We started with supermarkets with banks etc. We had decided that the card should be adopted and applied to DEKOs as well, and this decision is being expedited. In 12 DEKOs, as well as in Hellenic Train and the rolling stock maintenance company, the digital card will be implemented. Shortly after Easter it will be implemented. Here comes the card to answer what we experienced, with the station masters who were absent from their position, with the blank that went to erase the absence… Answer to the arbitrariness. “OSE has a serious problem of work and administrative culture”.

“We are not a party of infallibles”

As he repeated “we, yes, are not a ‘party of infallibles’ unlike the others who have done everything right. But we have taken Greece several steps higher in the last four years, in various areas, in the digital revolution, foreign policy, defense, development, education, social policy, and we are the only party that can clash with the deep public. When we present all this, people will make comparisons, and I believe they will make the right choice for Greece so that the progress of recent years is not lost.

For cooperation governments: “We can’t afford it”

Regarding the cooperation governments, Kostis Hatzidakis noted that the Papadimos government and the Samara-Venizelos government did a serious job, but they also experienced the difficulty to get there. “The first law of the three-party Samara government took 5 months to come to Parliament, then one party left, and every day we were worried about the stability of the government,” he said.

“Greece, which came out of a 10-year crisis and went several steps further in recent years, he can’t afford to waste that progress. We are not Germany, Holland and Austria in terms of political culture.”

“On the one hand there is a group and a program, and on the other hand in the opposition a ‘landscape in the fog’,” the minister observed.

“No to cannibalism”

Asked about the resigned former minister Kostas Karamanlis and whether Mr. Karamanlis will be a candidate in the elections, the Minister of Labor replied that “on the first day we all saw him devastated, he resigned, he did the obvious, unfortunately in Greece not something very common . He presented his facts to the Parliament, dispelled some myths that were cultivated by SYRIZA about the accident”. The prime minister, Mr. Hatzidakis clarified, will discuss with Mr. Karamanlis and decisions will be made. The ministers are covered by the positions of the prime minister.

“As wrong as political bigotry is, for someone to be in politics only for himself, cannibalism is just as wrong… That is, to blame someone who is even guilty of original sin. I think we have to find the right balance, the days ahead will show us the right way.”