The president of PASOK – KINAL spoke to ERT about the meeting that did not take place with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis Nikos Androulakis.

Among other things, he said: “The prime minister is in a big impasse (…) He meets me in front of dozens of journalists and tells me to meet sometime and I answer him that we will organize a meeting with all the political leaders so that there is a meeting to get to know each other. Because there was an escalation of the pandemic in the following period these meetings with everyone, not just him, did not take place. I had no official invitation

(…) The second time I have spoken with Mr. Mitsotakis is at the Presidential Palace. I don’t have any other meetings. Where I know in advance what has happened with the Predator, I have not made it public because I respect the President of the Republic”.

If o Mr. Varoufakis could be part of post-election cooperation, he answered:

“Our program is specific because I’ve heard this question before. Our program is a program of progressive realism, specifically speaking. Persons who played with the drachma I don’t think can become part of a long-term plan for the country.”

He also answered who he proposes for prime minister in the event of a government of cooperation, while he also spoke about PASOK’s goals in the upcoming national elections. The interview airs at 10pm on Wednesday.