Olympiacos did not make it in Spain – Withstood in Croatia and Vouliagmeni is going for qualification!


He officially said goodbye to the chances for the first place in the first group of the Champions League Olympicsince although he started the match positively at the seat of the mighty Barcelonetahe did not succeed and submitted to the Spanish (10-5).

Thus, Igor Milanovic’s team, which competed without Filip Filipovic, fell to third place with 22 points, however there is no way for them to miss the qualification to the Final 8 of the competition, since all that remains is the standard part and the final position that will play a role in the intersection.

The eight minutes: 1-1, 2-2, 3-0, 3-1.

BARCELONA: Aguirre, Famera 1, Matkovic 1, Muniarit 3, De Toro 1, Laroube, Pavilliard 1, Miranda, Tahul, Perrone 2, Garcia 1, Bustos, Porter.

OLYMPIC: Bigiats, Gillas, Vamos 2, Genidounias 1, Fundoulis, Gouvis, Dervisis, Bouslie, Mourikis, Dimos, Kolombos, Papanastasiou 2, Zerdevas.

Another step closer to the Final 8 of the Champions League was made by the fighting team Drowningwho… went into the inhospitable Croatia and got a boyish degree from the powerful Jadran Split (10-10) and kept at +3 of them!

The Southern Suburbs team is currently fourth with 14 points, behind Barceloneta, Pro Reco and Olympiaco and there are four matches left, with the schedule not being the most… favorable, but they will fight it.

The eight minutes: 3-1, 2-5, 4-2, 1-2

Yadran: Marchelic, Buric, Marinic Kragic 4, Kagali 1, Butic 1, Pejkovic, Bukic 2, Zovic, Tomasovic, Dobud 1, Setka, Duzevic 1, Anic

Drowned: Tjortzatos, Chalivopoulos 2, Kastrinakis, Kalogeropoulos 1, Troulos 1, Nikolaidis 2, Almyras, Woodhead 1, Alafragis, Kapotsis 1, Kourouvanis 1, Farmer 1, Andreadis

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