The reasons that led him to be against the acquisition of the F-35 fighters from Turkey were mentioned by the chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Parliament, Michael McCall, during the conference of the Global Coordination Committee of the Cyprus Struggle (GCC) in Washington.

At the same time, the Republican congressman from Texas referred with laudatory comments to the allied attitude displayed by our country, revealing that it has already given the green light for the acquisition of F-35 fighters from Greece.

Explaining the reasoning behind his decision, McCall said: “why would you want to buy military equipment from Russia? Why did you buy the S-400? I sign off on all foreign defense sales, and Ed Royce (the former chairman of the House International Affairs Committee) did the same.

Why did you buy the Russian S-400s? And at the same time they want us to sell them the F-35s. We cannot do it because through the S-400 technology of the F-35 will be transferred. It’s still in the box they tell us. I replied, send the box to Ukraine and then we will talk. This is of course a lie. They are not inside the box and everyone knows it. And that’s why I signed the sale of F-35s to Greece, because Greece deserves them.”