“Ms Eva Kaili appealed to European Parliamentamong other things, for the infringement of its parliament immunity because she was monitored by the secret services during the period she participated in the PEGA committee, which was institutionally investigating the existence of illegal software that monitored the movements of MEPs and citizens of the European Union”, Sven Marie’s lawyers and Michalis Dimitrakopoulos state in their statement.

According to the announcement of the two lawyers: “The publication of this news caused a lot of interest, even though there were some, specifically, media that systematically attacked Ms. Kaili, who accused her of creating conspiracy scenarios! But the shocking news that followed, according to which even the investigating judge Michel Clez was being watched, left them speechless!!

There is no conspiracy scenario, it seems that the bitter truth is that in Brussels, the capital of Europe, the geopolitical conflicts of the Arabian Gulf, North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula have settled, the victim whose today is Kaili, tomorrow the judges and prosecutors, the day after tomorrow who?