“Heavy bells” on Attiki Odos – Where Mitsotakis attributes responsibilities


The government emphasizes the “big picture”, as it was seen from the position of the prime minister during the Council of Ministers, regarding the assignment of responsibilities for the management issues in the bad weather “Elpis”.

In any case, from what Mr. Mitsotakis said, it was understood that even the report on the support to the Ministry of Climate Crisis, but without any further reference to Minister Stylianidis, can be interpreted as a “yellow card” to him as the problems are charged there. coordination to which it referred.

The Prime Minister “showed” the local government, both at the level of Municipalities and at the level of the Region, about the situation we saw in areas of the capital but in any case spoke directly about the responsibilities of the company as a reference to the confinement of thousands of drivers on Attiki Odos.

The government spoke, from the first moment, about the responsibilities of the management company, while the imputation of practical responsibilities has begun, with a typical example of this, the 2000 euros that will be given as compensation to those trapped, a decision taken after personal intervention by Mr. Mitsotakis .

At the same time, within a period of 20 days, the committee set up in order to investigate the causes of mismanagement, must deliver a conclusion to the Minister of Transport, Mr. Costas Karamanlis.

Following the finding, the imposition of a fine is foreseen, which according to the legislation passed in 2020, can amount to 5,000 to 1 million euros – based on the data it is reasonably understood that this will approach the maximum.

All this apart from any legal appeals that the citizens will decide to proceed with, since even government officials have encouraged personal appeals.

The above, of course, do not prevent the possibility of additional sanctions such as even a termination of the state contract with the company, which normally expires in 2024, as government officials report to SKAI.

Such a decision will cause problems for the company to take part in the new tender for the management of Attiki Odos, which has been announced by the HRDH.

It is reminded that fines have already been imposed by the railway regulatory authority on TRAINOSE.

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