Stefanos Kasselakis was the first to cut the cord in the first round of SYRIZA’s internal party elections, garnering a percentage of 45.47%. Efi Ahtsioglou received 36.21% and will claim the leadership of the official opposition party next Sunday against Mr. Kasselakis.

They are followed by Nikos Pappas with 8.64%, Euclid Tsakalotos with 8.4% and Stefanos Tzoumakas with 1.28%. These results are with 90% of the votes counted.

About 147,000 citizens voted, of which about 40,000 are new members.

The results for the SYRIZA presidential election were announced by the president of the Electoral Commission, Yiannis Drosos.

A total of 146,635 SYRIZA members came to the polls “to the surprise of many”, as Mr. Drossos said. In 90.13% of the electoral divisions, in 484 divisions out of 537 the results are as follows:

-Efi Ahtsioglou got 36.21% and 41,098 votes

-Stefanos Kasselakis got 45.47% and 51,615 votes

– Nikos Pappas got 8.64% and 9,804 votes

-Stefanos Tzoumakas 1.28% and 1,457 votes

– And Euclid Tsakalotos got 8.4% and 9,534 votes.

Mr. Drosos thanked all the candidates and announced that the Electoral Commission is declaring a repeat election between Efi Ahtsioglou and Stefanos Kasselakis for next Sunday.

It also reported that 1,211 foreign residents in more than 20 countries voted.