“The progressive world of Greece, the world of the center, has an opportunity this Sunday to choose clean hands, people who have worked in society and want to contribute, with empathy, with humanity and with concern for the environment.”

This was emphasized, among other things, by the president of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakis, in statements he made today in Patras, as part of his visit to the Achaean capital.

As he added, having by his side the candidate for the regional governor of Western Greece, Kostas Karpetas, who is supported by SYRIZA, “Kostas Karpetas is one of those people who deserve the support of the progressive world” and underlined: “Our country can do better than this which lives at this moment.”

Also, Stefanos Kasselakis said that “too many elected officials of the self-government of the regions, of the ND, have really neglected the place” and added: “They have gutted the future of the place with the eating they have done, from one end to the other in the country. We also saw it in Thessaly with 500 million euros, which were supposed to go to anti-flood projects after “Janos”, which went nowhere and the prime minister of the country has no idea where they have gone, but he makes promises”.

The president of SYRIZA started his visit to Patras from the monument of the murdered professor, Nikos Tebonera, where he laid a few flowers, while after his visit to the electoral center of the candidate for the regional governor of Western Greece, Kostas Karpeta, he walked in the center of the city and talked with citizens.