The president of SYRIZA-PS clarifies his positions on childbearing, the institution of surrogate mother and also his personal preferences for the gender of children, in his post on Facebook. Stefanos Kasselakisresponding to objections that arose after his interview on the show “Protagonists”.

“Love makes a family”, he notes in his post and adds that “I entered politics to stir stagnant waters, to awaken consciences and not to caress them in their sleep”.

He then explains: With my interview yesterday, I opened a big discussion with the aim of visibility: To make the desire of two people who love each other to have children visible to everyone and respected by everyone.

Either through the institution of adoption, which must be modernized and strengthened in our country, or through the surrogate mother. The institution of surrogate mother is legally protected, everything is done based on a court decision. The surrogate must choose you, not you. This is a serious process with strict rules. And, above all, it is a process that concerns the big picture of society: couples who cannot have children, women who want to have a single-parent family but cannot have a child, and of course same-sex couples as well.”

He then notes why “I said in my interview do we want two boys? I made a wish. But do I really prefer a certain gender of child? I will speak as always, clearly: This is not a matter of choice. It’s a matter of responsibility and empathy. In every couple – heterosexual or same-sex – the goal is to be able to be a good parent. There are wonderful pairs of fathers raising wonderful girls. In the case of our own couple, we are in awe of such a thing. Facing a daughter, I still have unanswered questions about whether I will be able to properly educate her, to respond adequately as a parent to her questions about puberty, menstruation, female sexuality – all that make up the uniqueness of womanhood . “These are learned along the way,” you might say. But allow me the advance consciousness of responsibility. Nothing is easy or taken for granted. Honestly, no choice between daughter and son.

Only empathy. Because the child is not a continuation of us. Not even our tool.

It’s a soul. Who wants from his two parents miracles and not traumas. It might be a teaching moment for both Tyler and me. We open our lives to all of you, with an open heart and humility. And may the hearts of all of us open on the road to equality.”

He then developed the political dimension by addressing his political opponents: “Don’t try to hide your homophobia behind sacred issues of life. We understand. As thousands of couples understand the taunt who heard the Prime Minister pledge that he will immediately proceed with marriage for all and now hesitates to bring a relevant bill. Societies move forward with people who take the risk, the responsibility of change, even if they have to be publicly stoned.

Not by people who are afraid of displeasing the LA.O.S. of their party. It’s a complex issue and I’m very proud of the progressive world for daring to be on the right side of history. I will be with him, on the front line.”