PASOK-KINAL proposes the establishment of a special parliamentary committee to carry out a preliminary examination on the railway tragedy in Tempi.

In the 20-page request he sent to the president of the Parliament, Costas Tasoula, signed by the party president Nikos Androulakis, and the Parliamentary Group as a whole, the establishment of a Pre-Investigation Committee is requested in order to investigate any criminal offenses that have been committed during the tenure of the former ministers of Infrastructure and Transport, of ND, Costas Karamanlis and of SYRIZA, Christos Spirtzis.

In particular, according to the proposal, they state:

– For the former Minister of Infrastructure and Transport of SYRIZA, Christos Spirtzis, that he “allegedly committed the offense of dereliction of duty during the period from 6-11-2016 to 9-7-2019”.

– For the former Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Konstantinos Karamanlis, who “allegedly committed the crime of disloyalty to the detriment of the financial interests of the European Union and the Greek State and the crime of dereliction of duty”.

As the deputies of PASOK-KINAL emphasize, among others, the handling of the two former ministers “constitutes a framework of criminal management of critical issues, i.e. culpable acts and omissions, delays and extensions in the execution of projects, conflicts between contractors and legal appeals, understaffing, insufficient training of personnel and a lack of know-how, which has made the rail network deadly dangerous.”