“Today’s departure of comrades and comrades (until today) is a particularly negative development both for SYRIZA-PS and for the interests of society,” said the president of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA-PS, Socrates Famousin an interview he gave to Nautemporiki TV.

“It weakens the official opposition at a time when Mitsotakis is implementing a very broad plan to demolish the rights and security of society, from the taxation of freelancers to the budget, from the issues of natural disasters to accuracy and profiteering. It weakens the Left in the face of a paver government. While Mr. Mitsotakis is crushing society’s prospects and expectations for a better tomorrow, SYRIZA-PS is dealing with its internal party problems. I think their choice to leave is wrong. I had said the same about the departure of Euclid Tsakalotos and Petis Perkas”, he emphasized, explaining that “the disagreement on the part of those leaving at the moment is actually focused on the person of Stefanos Kasselakis”.

“However, with their departure, they do not give all of us the right to discuss any disagreements that they themselves could submit to the Congress and to vote for political positions. For months I have been emphasizing that the problem of SYRIZA-PS was not only a matter of leadership. If that were the case, it would have been resolved with the departure of Alexis Tsipras. Alexis Tsipras was not the problem, but the characteristics of the party, its lack of credibility and its distance from society”, he added, underlining the need to rebuild SYRIZA “against the crushing of scientists and freelancers through the tax, after the their deception in the pre-election period by the New Democracy”: “So we must all do our best to fill the gap and then of course proceed to the Congress”.

“I want there to be no more departures, just as I didn’t want these to happen either. I’m an optimistic person and that’s why I’m a leftist,” he answered a question about the possibility of new departures.

Regarding unity, S. Famellos underlined that “it is obvious that when you ask for unity, camaraderie, morals and freedom from toxicity, you have to start from “above” and I am the first to take the responsibility as the president of KO and judge whether I broadcast this ».

Then, he expressed his disagreement with the “presidential” issues, saying: “It has made a particularly bad impression on me that after the election of Stefanos Kasselakis, some people started talking about majorities and minorities. Without the Congress having been held, without even the Positions Committee having been established. Let me make it clear, therefore, that there is no minority and majority today in SYRIZA-PS since the political plan is to be formulated”.

He also made it clear that there is no question of anti-democracy as all the party organs have been convened and are functioning since the election of Stefanos Kasselakis, multiple times, as well as the Parliamentary Group, while he again stood in favor of handing over the seats of those who have left.

Regarding housewives and housekeeping and whether they fit the Left, S. Famellos replied: “SYRIZA-PS must be a left-wing, European, ecological party that must regain its reforming role that it has lost since 2019, its connection with science and intellectuals but also with society, the market and youth. These are deficits not in some new or another different SYRIZA-PS but in the one we wanted SYRIZA-PS to be. This may seem conservative to some and not very communicative but, in my opinion, it is more beneficial for the world, the citizens. Indeed, people who are interested in their family, their livelihood, their work should find their expression in a left-wing party. I can’t understand why the “middle space” shouldn’t “touch” the Left. They are called housewives. I want to have a “domesticated” country with justice, rule of law and integration of the European acquis”.

Regarding whether there is a “bar” in the percentage of SYRIZA-PS in the European elections, he said: “For a party that wants to represent and solve society’s problems, the bar is the government. The goal is to work so that we can offer a progressive governmental solution for Greek society. This is the goal and in this direction we must make changes within the party, a process that will be completed at the Congress. I am not ethereal, I know that our dynamics today are not for the government, but I have to set the goal so that society understands it too.”