“The government is not addressing or ending fan violence. He has not submitted a single draft plan. Closing the stadiums for two months does not solve the problem, while at the same time it feeds into a discussion with mutual accusations between fans and teams, which creates new contrasts, a sterile fandom, which has nothing to do with the spirit of sports fans and which in the end can lead to new tensions, and these tensions to more violence” said its president Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA-PS, Socrates Famousin an interview he gave to the “To Kokkino” radio station, and pointed out:

“Unfortunately, things are getting worse and worse. After his murder Alki Kampanou in Thessaloniki we had the tragic Michael Katsouri incident in New Philadelphia in the summer when over 100 neo-Nazi Croatian hooligans crossed the country and arrived in New Philadelphia in a pre-planned murderous raid. Mr. Mitsotakis, even after this event, again held meetings, announcements, supposedly dynamic, about the control of links, about interventions and policing at the stadiums. Some of them were not even in the right direction. But nothing was implemented. The footprint was zero and we’re finally going backwards. The attack with the serious injury of the policeman to Rentis and indeed in a volleyball match demonstrates that we have a “metastasis”, that is, instead of having a solution to the problem of violence, either preventively or suppressively, we have a worsening of the problem. I don’t think that the announced measures are a solution and I think it’s a mockery to announce the same ones again.”

He said he expected the government “to have the basic decency to admit that it has not done what it announced a few months ago and that it is taking responsibility by planning a ‘reform’ in this area”. “I didn’t hear it in what was announced” he commented and added:

“Some measures that were announced, such as for example the supervision of sports facilities with modern means or the identification of fans by matching tickets and seats, have been heard many times and we as SYRIZA-P.S. we have suggested them. Let’s do this at least, let’s start somewhere, and see the responsibility of the teams and what will be done with the fan links.

The government has a permanent “bad habit” of believing that many issues can be solved with propaganda and having neither the ability nor the will to take action. He is used to “commanding” politics with big words. This government was elected with the issue of security in front, as the first priority, and finally the citizens feel more and more insecure, whether it is natural disasters or the protection of life or the protection of property. She has been trained and trained by SW its own political system to do politics only with communication, not substance. But this is how we go backwards as a whole as a society”.

Asked to comment on the developments surrounding Greek-Turkish relations, Sokratis Famellos underlined: “SYRIZA-PS has always sought to have a dialogue that will strengthen peace in the region. We have always suggested and requested the government to take similar initiatives. We have made it clear that we will support the dialogue effort on the condition that it is done on the basis of International Law and that its main goal is peace, with some red lines. The red lines are about sovereignty and non-demilitarization of the islands. Our aim should be for the continental shelf/EEZ legal dispute to be the only dispute referred to the International Court of Justice in The Hague. There are questions we have raised regarding the Declaration of Athens. What exactly does it mean that neither party will challenge this Friendship Pact? Does it mean that Greece might have to back down or call into question some of the issues we have raised, such as the non-demilitarization of the islands? We demand answers from the government. We reminded Mr. Mitsotakis and Mr. Gerapetritis that there are issues that are Euro-Turkish, American-Turkish, that cannot be resolved on a bilateral level with Greece and that we must be present there with the conditions and sects concerning the issues of International Law” .

At the same time, the president of K.O. of SYRIZA-PS also referred to the issues that SYRIZA puts high on its agenda. As he specifically noted:

“For us, the Cyprus issue is very high on the agenda, especially after Turkey’s latest interventions in Varosia. We are very interested in the issue because there are challenges and “aggressive” interventions. We must not forget that in Cyprus we have an invasion and illegal occupation. This issue must also concern Europe.

Regarding the issues of the minority in Thrace, there was a qualitative difference as Mr. Erdogan’s statement was different from his corresponding statement during his visit during the SYRIZA government, where he had spoken about the Muslim minority. In short, what is demonstrated by this debate is the fact that SYRIZA-PS and the SYRIZA government never used the national issues for vote hunting in contrast to Mr. Mitsotakis who did it both with the Prespas and pre-election with the Muslim minority in Thrace”.

Referring to the issues of accuracy and profiteering in the market, Sokratis Famellos emphasized: “The government did not regulate the market, did not intervene in the profiteering, taxed a very small part of the profits while at the same time subsidizing the accuracy of the current with money from the budget. And now it comes with the colorful tariffs and the return of the readjustment clause to create a “alalum” in the market. There is a very large wave of accuracy, which is actually a wave of profiteering, which all citizens pay for, and even small and medium-sized businesses, so that the few can profit. If this is connected to the tax measures that came recently with the tax bill, the plan is simple from Mr. Mitsotakis: we take the product of everyone’s work and effort, whether we are talking about households or small and medium-sized professionals, scientists and individual businesses and at the same time we squeeze them so much with tax costs and an unfair toll that we can even question the ownership of entrepreneurship. So they want to limit the small, medium, micro and individual business to make the groups bigger and bigger. That is, not to have taxi drivers but taxi companies, not to have kiosks but kiosk and convenience store companies, not to have lawyers but lawyers’ companies, not to have engineers but engineering companies. Little by little, impersonal properties that will depend to a very large extent on the banks and may change hands very easily, the so-called restructuring of the economy. The big ones become more and more powerful and the base of the economy continues to shrink. This creates a serious problem both in the production process and in the future of the economy in Greece”, concluded the President of K.O. of SYRIZA-PS.