The delivery was carried out – received at the Ministry of Citizen Protection and as reported the new minister Michalis Chrysochoidis, “we are starting a beautiful but difficult journey because our destination is the safety of the citizen”.

For his part, outgoing minister Yannis Economou thanked Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for assigning him the ministry a few months ago. He emphasized that he worked hard and thanked both the ELAS staff for the cooperation, as well as his close associates and Deputy Minister Costas Katsafados.

He welcomed Mr. Chrysochoidis, stating that the police need wider recruitment and support to fulfill their role and referred to a social pan-army of zero tolerance for violence.

Subsequently, Mr. Chrysochoidis stated, among other things, that Giannis Oikonomou is a worthy politician who has distinguished himself and where he passed through he delivered with his head held high and was not afraid of difficulties. he even described him as a “politician through and through”.

Addressing the 57,000 members of the police force, he said that we draw a line with the past, not because we forget, but because we start again. We are behind in our mission and we have to run because the policeman has a uniform and a mission. Education through the academy is our nuclear weapon, it keeps us in touch with society and its needs, but also the administrative and organizational reform of the body.

He also referred to assessment and mobility within the body.