The Minister of National Defense Nikos Dendias attended the Media Day of the Special Forces-Special Operations Forces exercise “Trojan Footprint (TFP)-24” in Lefkadi, Evia, on the evening of Monday, March 11, accompanied by the head of the General Defense Forces General Dimitrios Houpis.

The exercise takes place within the framework of the NATO Exercise “Steadfast Defender – 24”, in the entire Greek territory, with the participation of personnel and means of the Special Warfare Command (DEP) of the Greek Armed Forces.

Staff also participate in the exercise through AAlbania, Bulgaria, France, Republic of North Macedonia, United Kingdom, USA, Italy and Montenegro.

The activity was also attended by the commander of the Special Warfare Command (DEP) Lt. Gen. Prokopios Mavraganis as well as the commander of the Interbranch Special Operations Command (DDEE) Lt. Gen. Spyridon Kogiannis.

“We had the opportunity to see the exceptional level of professionalism, tonight, of our own Special Forces, women and men, but also of the Special Forces of friendly countries who were here in Greece and trained with us, for a cooperation that is mutually beneficial said Mr. Dendias. And he went on to emphasize that it “aims to ensure the security, stability, well-being of our states and peoples, in a complex, dangerous and rapidly changing world”.

Referring to the visit he made to the Greek frigate “Hydra” operating in the Gulf of Aden, under the Red Sea, to protect navigation, he underlined that “everyone’s goal is to ensure conditions of peace and development in our societies and also to we make it clear that any attempt at revanchism cannot gain ground in the 21st century.”