By Antonis Anzoletou

In less than 60 days the polls will open and in the “left apartment building” the processes have caught fire. O Stefanos Kasselakis last week he decided to counterattack the government and with the “air” of good polling data, which show SYRIZA firmly in second place, he raised the bar for the European elections. He is now talking about the primacy of the party attempting to rally disillusioned voters who from September onwards are vacillating about what to vote for. He has increased his appearances on television, just yesterday he made three (Delphi forum, NAVTEMPORIKI TV, event in Nea Smyrni). He appeared at Delphi certain that the shear between the N.W. and he will shut down SYRIZA even more within the next month, at the same time declaring that he is convinced that his party can surprise Europe in the next electoral process. In the climate that has formed, SYRIZA is expected, apart from the issues of accuracy and Tempi, to insist on the way the government manages the funds of the Recovery fund, after the disclosure by Politico and the journalist Nektarias Stamoulis, according to which, 2.5 billion of the Fund have been channeled to only 10 companies.

Placing a lot of emphasis on the expatriate vote Stefanos Kasselakis left this morning for New York where it will have a series of contacts. He will attend the expat parade on 5th Avenue on March 25th. The president of SYRIZA will follow the entire program of events, going both to the Doxology at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, and to the celebratory breakfast at the “Pierre” hotel, before the start of the parade at 1:30 after noon on Sunday, where will march as honorary master of ceremonies.

Stefanos Kasselakis has scheduled a meeting with AHEPA officials, while on Monday at 10:30 in the morning he will be at the Archdiocese, where he will have a meeting with the Archbishop of America Mr. Elpidophoros. At 12:00 noon, the leader of the official opposition will have a meeting with businessmen and investors, while at 5 pm he will see officials of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). At 6:15 in the afternoon he will go to the restaurant “Dionysos” in Astoria, in order to meet with representatives of Cypriot unions, while at 7 in the afternoon he will speak at a party event of SYRIZA New York. Next stop will be Washington.

In the KKE are moving at the pace of European elections, as on Sunday morning the 42 candidates of the party will be presented. Dimitris Koutsoubas will address a speech presenting the political priorities of Perissos. The general secretary has been with a suitcase in his hand lately. After the domestic tours he is preparing to be on the other side of the Atlantic. On April 21, he will leave for Canada. He will meet with a delegation of the Greek community, with labor associations, with a delegation of the Communist Party of Canada and will speak at gatherings organized by the Party Organization in Montreal and the Club of Friends of the KKE in Toronto. On the 25th of the month, he will visit New York.

New Left

Next week the New Left will officially launch its “6+1 priorities to change our lives” campaign. These are:
1. War on accuracy
2. Taxation of wealth
3. No to F35 – Money for Health and Education
4. Just green transition
5. Shelter for all
6. Separation of church-state
6+1 Cover up end

In a meeting with the communications staff of the New Left, Alexis Haritsis he pointed out: “our bet is not to be another party. The bet for the New Left is to form another party. A party that makes a difference in the political system because it insists that the solutions to the big problems are on the left. We reject the vague rhetoric that says everything without actually saying anything.” According to party sources, Mr. Haritsis also claims that the New Left is at the forefront of the fight against the various versions of Trumpism and far-right populism, saying with honesty and clarity what he believes and proposes to the citizens, “We are the Left, openly and proudly”.
Mr. Charitsis submitted a topical question to the finance minister, Kostis Hatzidakis, regarding the granting of 2.5 billion euros from the Recovery Fund to only 10 large companies according to Politico. An investigation is being conducted by the European Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Competition Commission.
Freedom Sailing

Zoi Konstantopoulou is oriented towards new actions for the accident in Tempi, both parliamentary and legal – as an advocate for victims’ families. For the 15th time, the head of the party tabled a topical question to the prime minister on the topic of femicides. Inaugurating a series of interventions for aviation security, Zoi Konstantopoulou, during the parliamentary audit last week, asked to know from the competent deputy minister, Christina Alexopoulou, what actions have been taken, as there are complaints of significant deficiencies. The first MEPs will be introduced in the coming days.