“Mr. Mitsotakis suffered an electoral defeat and had to do something, which as we found out was done for the eyes of the world. A bold reformation”, the press representative of SYRIZA – PS Voula Kehagia said to SKAI and on the show “Dekatians” with Yiannis Pittaras and Giorgos Grigoriadis.

Referring to the discussions on the formation of the broader center-left and whether corresponding initiatives will be undertaken in SYRIZA-PS, Ms. Kehagia noted: “We, on the other hand, have announced through the president a Constitutional Congress in early October. After the conference, as long as the necessary constitutional changes are passed, we will have the usual election of bodies. SYRIZA-PS has a president, he was elected last September and is not contested, unlike other parties. However, it does not suit me as the press representative of SYRIZA to comment on the internal developments in PASOK, which of course we follow, but keep the proper distance for reasons of ethics and moral order”.

“Let me remind you that Mr. Kasselakis himself said at the meeting of our parliamentary group that if the cooperation we have addressed to PASOK and Freedom Sailing at the parliamentary level progresses, it will possibly be extended to various electoral contests in unions, in large chambers . These can be a qualifier that, if successful, and we see that the other sides also want, because there is no reaction, for there to be cooperation of parliamentary groups in the Parliament, to vote on legislative proposals that will put pressure on the government”, he added.

For the possibility of cooperation with the New Left

“The New Left is a special, special case. The eleven-member parliamentary group of the New Left was formed after a split, and indeed a split took place four months after the elections of the previous June. We say bring back the chairs, we say that what was done was not right at all, and I use lenient terms and not at all strict because it is Sunday morning, we have talked about apostasy and we say that under these conditions we cannot discuss with the executives New Left.

Also, we say something else: It seems that society does not discuss with the New Left either, that is to say, the election results of the previous Sunday showed that the eleven seats that they took, that they grabbed from SYRIZA-PS have no social correspondence. The 2.4% of the New Left I don’t think allows a broader discussion to take place.”

For the electoral performance of SYRIZA-PS and the awarding of the MPs who participated in the examination for Tempi

“The perspective exists for SYRIZA-PS, however, we cannot see the results individually, only for our party, but as a whole. What happened in the political scene? We cannot fail to see the subsidence, the fall from a skyscraper, to the ground with the head of New Democracy which went from 41% to 28% or the fact that PASOK, after falling – as you say – and SYRIZA failed to become second party, as its executives and leadership declared, we see it as a whole.

We say that the objective of the downfall, the weakening, of the New Democracy has been achieved. Second, the goal of remaining second party has been achieved. Could we have a better election result? Possibly we could, but we have gone through, without this always being an excuse or justification, a double split and many internal traumas. We feel that if there was more time from the end of February when our conference ended until June 9th we might have had this better result. We are not complacent, we will not sit idly by, either in cooperation with the other parties at the parliamentary level, or on our own, as long as there is a rejection mood so that we can put so much pressure on the government of Mr. Mitsotakis that it is forced to change its policies , because the faces he changed are an intra-party shuffling of the deck with compromising moods, balancing tendencies.

In addition, let me tell you that this awarding of persons who were on the inquiry committee for Tempi, persons of the parliamentary majority who put scum in the inquiry says a lot. People who obstructed the truth, who rejected key witnesses at the commission, were rewarded with portfolios. It is a fact. Because if the changes were made because there was a problem in the portfolios we would see a change, for example, Mr. Georgiadis who has dissolved the National Health System which is faltering. We see human lives being lost in hospitals, dozens of complaints from our fellow citizens every day, but Mr. Georgiadis has set as his goal not only the dissolution but the invasion through the window and through the back door of the private sector in health. The same happens in education.