Andy Murray Suspect Wimbledon After Leaving Queens With Stomach Injury


The Briton has enjoyed the grass so far (Photo: Getty)

Andy Murray is suspected of joining Wimbledon later this month after being forced to leave Queens last weekend due to a stomach injury.

The 35-year-old tried to clinch his first title on grass in the Stuttgart Open final on Sunday, but Italian Matteo Berretti lost 6-45-76-3.

During the match, Murray sought treatment from a physical therapist twice, and in the third set he struggled visibly with a stomach injury.

Andy Murray Suspect Wimbledon After Leaving Queens With Stomach Injury

Murray did not leave the team until he played with Berrettini (Photo: Getty)

At first, Briton appeared to be suffering from her left thigh (the other side that was holding the metal plate after her 2019 thigh recovery surgery), but she later revealed that she was suffering from abdominal pain.

Murray has revealed that he needs to scan before deciding if he will play in Queens. His first match was scheduled for Tuesday, but now he is forced to leave.

“After this afternoon’s scan, a stomach injury means I am out of shape for this year’s Queens,” two Wimbledon champions said in a statement.

“The tournament makes a lot of sense to me, especially as I’ve already played some good matches on grass, so I’m disappointed not to play.”

Queen Tournament Director Luis Carvalho added: “Obviously it’s a shame that Andy can’t play here this year. At the Kinch Championship, everyone wants him to recover quickly. I’m looking forward to his return next year.”

When Wimbledon starts in two weeks, Murray raises serious questions about the tournament.

But at this point he remains optimistic about the prospect of hitting the All England Club pitch and may even prepare for an exhibition match at the London Hurlingham Club next week.

Andy Murray Suspect Wimbledon After Leaving Queens With Stomach Injury

Murray has two weeks to recover from a stomach injury (Photo: Getty)

For Murray, Stuttgart showed signs of encouragement before Berettin played Seth, and his quarterfinal win over Stefano Chichipa was his first victory over the top five players since 2016.

Commenting on his tournament, he said: It was a good week, but it wasn’t how I wanted to end it.

“I felt like I was playing enough to win, and I was in a really good position in the third set, so it was frustrating at the end of a good week.”

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