“Suffocated” Villeurbanne and Baskonia took a breath


An excellent second half in defense, gave to Baskonia the ability to win 91-66 the Villeurbanne and to “break” the series of three defeats.

The Basques allowed just 22 points to the French in the second half of the match, to reach the pink card that went to them in 5-9, while on the other hand ASVEL fell to 7-7.

Top Gentraitis and Fontecchio with 15 points, with Inok having 14 points. and Costello and Baldwin from 13p. anyone.

From Villeurbanne, he stood out Jones with 17 points.

The match

The first half was very balanced with both teams keeping pace throughout and the pace was very high. This was evident from the first ten minutes, with the score being 19-19. The match continued in the same pattern in the second period, with both teams going hand in hand and a basket of Baldwin at the end to send Basconia with its 45-44 in the locker room.

At the beginning of the second half, Villeurbanne was still held close (52-50), until 23 ‘. From that point on, the Basques opened the rhythm a lot and ran a partial score of 14-2, for +14 (66-52), with the end of the third period finding them at 69-55.

Through its defense, Baskonia did what it wanted on the floor against the French, resulting in going to +24 (84-60) in 36 ‘. Since then, the Basques had complete control and reached the victory with the final 91-66.

The ten minutes: 19-19, 45-44, 69-55, 91-66

Basconia-Villeurbanne 91-66

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