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Opinion – Walter Casagrande Jr.: A love letter


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During the World Cup, I decided to declare myself to the love of my life.

I fell in love the first time I saw her. It was love at first sight.

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That love grew with the first touches we gave each other.

We became practically inseparable, because she couldn’t get out of my head, just as I couldn’t get out of her head.

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We met very young and became almost inseparable. The love was so great that there was a period that interfered with my studies.

I’d meet her at school and we’d hang out before school, during recess, and often after too.

It was hard to let go of her to do my things, like eat, shower, sleep. People lived together.
We were growing, and our love, increasing. And what was a joke started to become serious, because we became important to each other.

We decided that we would live together and that we would grow socially, politically and professionally side by side, and that together we would manage to evolve within society.

Our relationship was so strong and important that everything I achieved in my life was with her.

I traveled the world working with her, won and lost championships, but always with her.

My love is so inexhaustible that it is even difficult for me to describe everything I feel for her.

As the relationship wore on over time, there came a time when I was no longer able to give her the care and love she wanted and deserved.

I realized at a certain point that she needed to meet another younger person, who could keep up with the intensity of her pace of life.

We grew apart, but not because of her, because she always respected me, loved me, supported me, and never left me behind. The problem was with myself.

She hasn’t lost her enthusiasm and is always up for new conquests, but I couldn’t keep up with her anymore.

I confess that it was a difficult separation, because love still exists between us today.

My love for her will never end, but nowadays I just watch her movements from afar.
There’s no ending a feeling for someone you’ve known for over 50 years and with whom you’ve lived intensely for 30 years or more.

We have a lot of cool, fun, exciting memories.

We cried together with joy, and sometimes with sadness, but always next to each other.

I’m at the Qatar Cup and today I can only see it from the top of the stadium seats.

Beautiful, of different colors, rolling in the grass and causing emotion, anguish, happiness, sadness. In fact, I was never the only love in her life.

But I want to end by thanking you for everything she has done and continues to do for me.

Ball, you are unforgettable. And, until the last day of my life, I will be in love with you and grateful for the intense coexistence.

With all the love and affection: Ball, I love you.

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